Extreme Stag Weekend in Bournemouth – Quick guide

The stag end of the week has grown up. In a period that includes the MOST EXTREME unscripted TV dramas where people scale mountains and lower themselves in tanks brimming with frightening little animal bugs, it was inevitable before stag ends of the week began to highlight outrageous games exercises. On the off chance that your stag is the sort to see the value in the afflictions of whitewater boating and canyoning, then, at that point, there’s just one spot to design a stag end of the week – Bournemouth.

An ocean side retreat in Southwest England, Bournemouth has for some time been referred to for such exercises as parasailing, sailboat cruising and surfing. A stag end of the week in Bournemouth can incorporate any of those – yet there are some much more outrageous exercises that can scrutinize your stag and ensure that he’s fitted for the afflictions of the MOST EXTREME of every one of life’s exercises – wedded life.


In the event that you haven’t knew about zorbing yet, have confidence that there’s nothing similar to it for getting you very close in the most hair-raising roller coaster at any point made. Zorbing has been depicted as a cross between a thrill ride and whitewater boating – short the rails and the pontoon. Zorbing is an outrageous game from New Zealand. It includes a couple of straightforward inflatable PVC balls, one suspended inside the other. You move inside the internal ball and get solidly secured in… and afterward they give you a hurl at the highest point of the slope to begin you moving down at speeds up to 35 mph. To make it much more fun, you can fill the external ball with water, and discover what it seems like to tear down a rocky slope indiscriminately, end over tea pot.

Zap Catting in Poole Harbor

In the event that you’d prefer do your outrageous games on the water, a stag end of the week in Bournemouth can incorporate an early evening time evaluating one of the UK’s quickest developing watersports – Rigid Inflatable Boats. Skim the influxes of Poole Harbor, the world’s second biggest normal harbor, in one of these unquestionably quick, amazing little speedboats. You can pick a Fast Blast harbor journey that takes you out on the untamed water to give her max speed or include some wakeboarding and waterskiing.