Rozier’s Orleans Diary

At the bistro

They are to be found at the extreme right hand corner; maybe a few, maybe seven or eight.

There is Eugene, extremely agile, filled in as a volunteer in the French conflict in Indochina. He prefers ladies and they appear to like him. In ten seconds he can get any lady grinning. There is Yves, used to run a curtain shop, likes ladies as well, yet has dialed back since his last marriage. Gone through three years in the Algerian conflict. There is Alain, a material science educator, talks somewhat English. Continually searching for the ideal lady. He loves the English. There is AndrĂ©, was with a Tunisien provincial regiment in Indochina, loves his Masonic gatherings, consistently at the theater. Be that as it may, he has been absent for certain weeks. Is it true that he is at his condo in Arcachon? Be that as it may, he needed to go to the clinique for a minor activity. It is a little stressing when companions don’t appear.

There is Michelle, who talks pretty much nothing and Nicole who says even less. Ok! yet, there is Jacqueline who with her harsh tone compensates for the two of them. Unfortunately Marguerite who has been important for the furniture as far back as I can recollect can’t make it any more, and there is Daniel, Raymond, Jacques and so on

I’m the main outsider. They all in all need more English to peruse the primary sentence of this article, so I should decipher it for them.

Perhaps a couple have a PC, none use email, web or blog. Most are resigned, a couple are holding back to resign. None are keen on getting any more cash. I, however, am still exceptionally dynamic professionaly and need to get much more cash-flow. I’m genuinely an outsider. Anyway we as a whole get on very well together. Indeed, more often than not. Possibly I am some odd sort of unfamiliar pet.

We have our cherished server. She is pretty and youthful and consistently grins and causes us to feel appreciated when she shakes our hands. She is likewise Moroccain. She is an awesome ambassadress for her country. Ok! be that as it may, what is her country?

Today is the extraordinary day. The day when France on the whole quits smoking at the functioning spot. However, my bistro will in any case be brimming with smoke. The law won’t matter to bistros for one more year. The mental shock of removing this last shelter where smokers, leaving their office, can look for drink, companions and tobacco, would have been too incredible a danger for any administration in a political race year.