Hasselt Travel Information

Hasselt is the capital city of the area of Limburg. However it might not have the appeal of different urban communities in Belgium, it has an accommodating quality to it. The approachable town with a populace of around 77,000 individuals is rumored for its nightlife, shops and its person on foot place. So well known is the agreeable idea of its residents, then, at that point, appropriately two years prior, Hasselt obtained the status as ‘most friendly city of Flanders.’

Hasselt appeared in the seventh century on the Heelbeek, a feeder of the waterway of Demer. The name Hasselt comes from Hasaluth, which implies hazelwood. The city of Hasselt is presumed to be home for fascinating structures like St. Quentin’s Cathedral, the monastery of Hercekenrode in Kuringen and Refugehuis. Indeed, the Refugehuis is the most seasoned structure in the city. The city is additionally popular for a long time like the National Genever Museum, the Stellingwerff-Waerdenhof Museum and so on

The Demerstraat and the Koning Albertstraat are two of the well known shop roads in the city. The shops Hoogstraat and Kapelstraat are easily recognized names; but the things that they sell are premium evaluated. With the launch of the advanced shopping complex three years prior, Hasselt has turned into even more well known. Indeed many see the city as an illustration city for great habits, great offices and decorum.

Spots of interest:

The Japanese Garden is one of the most wonderful sights in Hasselt. It is situated in the Kaparmolen Park in the north-east piece of the city. It is open from April to October at assigned timings. The Japanese individuals from Itami, which is Hasselt’s sister city planned the nursery according to the seventeenth century model. The Japanese Garden is the greatest Japanese nursery in Europe and has around 250 Japanese cherry trees. Different occasions according to the Japanese culture happens in the Japanese nursery.

The main church of Hasselt is the Saint Quintinus Cathedral. It was here that the main settlements in the Hasselt region were shaped. The congregation, and particularly the pinnacle, uncovers the distinctive structure phases of the town. The lower a piece of it shows the leftovers of the Romanesque church that remained during the twelfth century.

In the Kapelstraat, in closeness to the Market Square is the Church of Our Lady. On a similar detect a sanctuary was implicit the fourteenth century by the individuals from the Our Lady Virga Jesse brotherhood. The sculpture of the Virga Jesse, a Madonna sculpture having a place with the fourteenth century is a well known vacation spot. Some other intriguing sights are the Baroque Altar and the burial places of the abbesses of the Abbey of Herkenrode.

What should be done:

Among everything you can do when you are in Hasselt is visit its exhibition halls.

Hasselt has a gallery called the National Genever Museum, devoted to the well known neighborhood drink, jenever. In the historical center, the guests can find out with regards to the set of experiences and the refining of their number one cocktail.

The Fashion Museum gives a decent outline of the development of style. You can participate in the subject works which are include here routinely.

The Stellingwerff-Waerdenhof Museum is home to uncommon authentic curios and records about the historical backdrop of the advancement of Hasselt, Limburg and the County of Loon. What you will see here are clay objects, church fortunes, canvases and different articles of notable significance.

There are a ton of spots and stores to shop from in Hasselt. The shopping road is fixed with customary style shops. The road is wide and there is less traffic. In the wake of shopping, you can loosen up your drained feet by sitting on the seats along the passerby walkways.

The ‘Fruitmarkt’ uncovers the main sculpture of many to follow. The main sculpture which meets you when you enter the town is the equestrian one made by Marc Cox as an accolade for Arnold IV, who was the Count of Loon. Arnold IV was the individual who affirmed the freedoms of a “city” to Hasselt in a Charter of Liberty.

The Grote Markt (Market Square) is the greatest open space in the city. You can make some function memories here, as this spot is a murmur drum of business. A focal point of every business action, it is likewise a spot to go out on the town however much you might want.

Food and Drink:

The popular seasoned cocktail, flavored with juniper berries called ‘Jenever’ is particularly adored in Hasselt. Indeed there are many plants and enterprises devoted to the creation and circulation of jenever. The foods are a blend of French and Flemish. Like most pieces of Belgium, individuals in Hasselt are partial to mussels praised with mayonnaise and French fries. Incidentally, did you realize that the well known “French fries” are really Belgian? History has it that American, English and Canadian soldiers found them when they showed up at the Flanders coast during the First World War. During those occasions, the Belgian Army communicated in French and gave the expression “French fries.” Belgian or French, the world loves French fries and Hasselt is no special case.

Other than jenever, the record-breaking most loved Beer and French wines likewise score high with a great many people. Individuals favor the dull twofold ale lager and the white brew. There are certain individuals who go for the lambic brew which is matured beverage with a fruity character.

Non-vegan food like ocean bottom, chicken, withering in’t groen (eel with vegetables and spices) are for the most part eaten unquenchably here. The inns bargain in customary Flemish dish, Mediterranean food and French cooking. There are a few inns which likewise serve ethnic and mainland food. Rolls and Waffles presented with chocolate and icing sugar are likewise served to improve the tastebuds.

Inn and Accommodation:

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Ibis Hasselt Centrum

Express By Holiday Inn Hasselt

Occasion Inn Hasselt


The Ethias Arena and Grenslandhallen in Hasselt are famous occasion habitats. Both are known to be an establishment to organize a variety of occasions lining from exemplary to the contemporary. The foundation of the amphitheaters and the seating limit must be believed to be accepted. Both the amusement settings are outfitted with excellent acoustic sound. With a ultra stylish framework and fiber optic organization, you can be guaranteed to get the best as far as visual allure and sound.

Shows, dramatic occasions, shows, fairs, presentations, parties, moves, productions, games are totally played in Ethias Arena and Grenslandhallen. In addition to the fact that they are engaging to the normal public, however they likewise structure a beneficial road for financial specialists to feature and display their items and administrations through classes, gatherings and shows.

Shopping is one more type of reveling and spoiling oneself. Indeed, in excess of 175,000 vacationers go to the city every week to shop and it’s implied the Hasselt is one of the greatest shopping urban areas in Belgium.