Jaco Beach – Spot information

With just 2.5 hours (approx 117 km) drive from the legislative center, San José, Jacó sea shore or playa Jacó is one of the most visited sea shores in Costa Rica.

The long sandy sea shore has a shape and sea floor that advances huge waves, especially to the joy of most surfers visiting Costa Rica.

The most well-known course to take while going from San José down to Jacó is to drive by means of Alajuela, proceed to Atenas and further down the dull green slants of the west side of Costa Rica until arriving at San Mateo. Proceed from that point to Orotina and bring parkway 34 straight down to Jacó.

Additionally try to look through the vehicle windows when passing el rio (tarcoles waterway) where you can see the regular living space of the huge crocodiles of the Tarcoles River and the mangroves.

The Beach

The playa is somewhat over 3km long from one finish to the next. It makes a pleasant walk and if your legs abandon you, the neighborhood cabs will be all the more then eager to assist you out. You can likewise lease vehicles and bicycles.

For perusing, keep your eyes open and search for Jacó News, a month to month English language distribution.

The surf is best in the blustery season from May to November, however relying upon what you need in size of waves; Jacó truly can offer a the entire year riding experience.

Sights of Jacó

Jacó is actually the sort of where practitioners go. Not to much to see locally. Things you can do are lease kayaks, dive deep ocean fishing or take a nightfall journey. Pony riding is additionally extremely famous and most lodgings can orchestrate that for you.

The furthest down the line frenzy to arise in Jaco is paragliding and you can even go with a boat-plane to private sea shores.

Spots to go when in Jacó

You can go with neighborhood visits to Carara National Park, La Catarata (cascades) and Tarcoles crocodile visits. You ought to likewise get ready for a little while to playa Hermosa south of Jacó where you can take the overhang visit.

A few spots to rest in Jacó will be, Jacó Fiesta, Club del Mar, Copacabana, Best Western Jacó Beach Resort and Apartotel Gaviotas.


As Jacó is a very huge sea shore and a great deal of the travel industry, you’ll discover a ton of spots serving food. Visit Bananas, Chatty Cathy’s, Emily’s toward the north. La Fragata with pasta and fish. La Hacienda with mid valued tidbits and La Ostra with fish as a strength.

Bars and Nightclubs

They travel every which way on close to 24 hours to day premise. Two of the best are Central and Los Tucanes.

Shopping as what you expect on a vacationer sea shore and assuming you run out of cash, visit Banco Nacional in the focal point of town.

At last, a notice

Jacó has altogether too solid surf to truly be a decent spot for little children. Enormous waves, tear tides and under flows can be perilous for somebody youthful or not used to the ocean.

What’s more, as usual, when managing the ocean, watch out. The tide in Costa Rica changes the ocean level many meters and can haul anybody out of the shadows ocean.