Travel information Mexico Beaches – Puerto Vallarta and Ensenada

With shores on two seas, Mexico is a sea shore sweetheart’s heaven. Here is an introduction on three of the sea shore regions, Puerto Vallarta and Ensenada

Puerto Vallarta

Considered a helpless man’s Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta lies in the Bahia de Banderas, an enormous straight. The sea shore is long and pleasant while the two lies at the foot of the Sierra Madre Mountains. The most recent ten years have seen a ton of advancement with condominiums, inns and traveler support regions going up like distraught. This isn’t especially amazing since the travel industry is by all accounts the center of the whole economy in Puerto Vallarta.

For sea shores, you truly can’t turn out badly in Puerto Vallarta. The northern sea shores will in general be the most well known, which likewise implies more individuals. Actually, I’ve made a beeline for the south to track down somewhat more space to breathe. For gay voyagers, Puerto Vallarta is viewed as the most obliging sea shore area in a generally safe Mexico.


Found a couple of hours south of the boundary with San Diego, Ensenada is a famous end of the week trip. Sitting on the sound of Todos Santos, Ensenada is renowned for a lively nightlife, decent sea shores and being the area where a significant part of the film “Titanic” was shot.

By and large, Ensenada used to be a mysterious area known to San Diegans. Then, at that point, the Mexican government fabricated a smooth roadway from Tijuana through Ensenada. So much for the mystery!

Today, Ensenada is a decent spot to go assuming you need to encounter Mexico, yet need to keep away from the pressed, restless Tijuana scene. In Ensenada, you can ride ponies on the sea shore, do some surfing and visit world renowned bars. The most popular, obviously, is Hussongs. Hussongs is where you can “test” tequila and sing with Mariachi groups. The two steer clear of one another. Genuine.

Everybody has a most loved sea shore spot in Mexico. Ensenada and Puerto Vallarta aren’t awful places to test.