Visit Piraeus – the port of ancient Athens

Piraeus, otherwise called Peiraeus or Pireas, is a city situated in the prefecture of Attica, towards the southern side of Athens. This present city’s fundamental fascination depends on the way that in old Greece, it was utilized as Athens’ primary port, and along these lines it assumed a vital part in the city’s life.

Other than being the port of old Athens, Piraeus has been likewise named port of present day Athens starting around 1834. Along these lines, these days this port can be found in real life, and despite the fact that it doesn’t look actually like it utilized in old Greece, it actually shows some of such old fashioned attributes which transform it into an extremely fascinating and curious spot to meet.

The name of this space, Piraeus, signifies “the spot over the section”, an importance which is extremely important to its previous history. In its beginnings as a populated region, Piraeus was a little island which was associated with the land by a tight stretch of land. In spite of the fact that at first the region got different categories, this geological trademark at last propelled the real name.

Despite the fact that its fundamental port is the most well known one, Piraeus additionally has two other more modest harbors which have likewise helped transforming this spot into an exceptionally dynamic one. The advantages of this spot and its harbor was not seen until the time of 490 BC when Themistocles built a fortress by this spot fully intent on being capable t effectively utilize the ports and shield the residents of Athens from Persians’ assaults.

Piraeus has a populace of around 175.000 individuals, with a thickness of 15.972 occupants per km2. IT is one of a handful of the city specialists situated inside the metropolitan space of Athens. Other than Pireus, this metropolitan region has other civil specialists among which we can name Keratsini, Korydalos, Drapetsona, Nikaia, Perama, and Rentis.

Piraeus has been old neighborhood of a few notable individuals, for example, per model the Andrianoloulos siblings, who established the Olympiacos wearing club, Yiorgos Batis, a significant Greek performer who lived somewhere in the range of 1885 and 1967, or Dimitris Gkogkos, a significant Greek artist from beginnings of the XX century.


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