Rock Collecting Trip – Travel Ideas

Rock gathering wasn’t essential for the arrangement. Nor was pointed stone hunting. Then, at that point, we met Felix. He was a Mayan Indian, he told us, whose family had relocated from Mexico. Presently he was living in an old RV. He was there to partake in the underground aquifers, similar to us. However, the Arizona desert has something beyond natural aquifers concealed in it.

We shared dinners and pit fires for seven days, and afterward he took my better half Ana and I into the desert to show us old metates (grain-pounding stones) and pointed stones. What’s more, we discovered Apache Tears, Fire Agate, and many other lovely shakes of each kind. They were simply laying dispersed in the desert once he showed us the perfect spots.

Irina, a nineteen-year-old self-portrayed “rainbow kid,” who had been living in her van for quite a long time, rode with Felix in his old pickup. Ana and I continued in our van. Two hours at the primary stop yeilded numerous lovely shakes, and a couple of bits of old ceramics. The new downpour had made the stones and relics stick out, washing them clean.

Ana and Irina discovered odd pieces that may have been pointed stones. The old earthenware pieces I found couldn’t contrast and Felix’s half of a pot painted with an unpredictable plan. Doubtlessly, it was many years old. Felix was continually seeing things we missed.

Arrowhead Hunting

Felix showed us remnants of an old Pony Express station. Since a long time ago neglected and plain, the grass-and-mud-block dividers were still to some extent standing. I looked aound, and understood the we actually hadn’t seen another vehicle. There are some secluded regions in Arizona. Since Felix demanded the structure would have been terminated upon by bolts, we began pointed stone hunting around the remnants.

Behind the remains, and up the slope, Felix showed us rocks with six-inch wide openings in them. They were a foot down or more, entirely round, and loaded up with water. Water stockpiling had been their motivation, he clarified, and he and Irina drank the water gathered in them. We like less bugs in our water, so we just partook in this serene spot, and watched the valley underneath.

We had some karma looking for rocks and pointed stones, dislike Felix. We discovered many bits of earthenware, yet entirely all extremely forgettable. Felix discovered stoneware that had wonderful plans on it, and metates. He likewise tracked down a small, impeccably made, clear quartz sharpened stone. It had likely been utilized to chase little birds 200 years sooner.

We each meandered a little, and later, individually, got back to the van to cook beans with moment rice on our camp oven. Then, at that point, we said our farewells, and exchanged addresses. Felix and Irina returned to the hotsprings, while we headed the alternate way with packs of rocks, a gazelle horn, and two broken sharpened stones.


You can search for pointed stones and old ceramics, however it very well might be unlawful to keep any antiquities now. Go out after a downpour and you can see Fire-agate and Apache Teardrops laying on the sand. There are some assigned rockhound regions in southeastern Arizona. The BLM office in Safford can give you more data on where to go for the best stone gathering.