Romania – Bucharest, Dracula and Transylvania

Notice Romania and individuals promptly consider Dracula and a mid-malicious country. Recuperating from long stretches of financial hopelessness, Romania is rapidly turning into the secret gem of Eastern Europe.

Dracula v. Ceausescu

In mainstream society, Romania is constantly likened with Count Dracula, Bran Castle and Transylvania. These suspicions aren’t right. Vlad Tepes is generally viewed as the individual on whom the Dracula character is based. Known as Vlad the Impaler, there is no questioning this was one frightful individual, yet he wasn’t a vampire. On top of this, Vlad the man never lived in Bran Castle, a genuine palace and the home of the anecdotal Dracula. I sincerely apologize for blasting your air pocket, however there was an individual ostensibly more awful than Dracula or Vlad in Romania’s set of experiences.

Presenting Nicolae Ceausescu, the authoritative most exceedingly awful tyrant throughout the entire existence of Europe. A pig all things considered, this man regarded Romania as his own fiefdom through a large part of the 20th century. While driving the country into financial ruin, he constructed extravagant homes for he and his better half. While Romanians starved in the city, he and his better half went through cash like Joan Collins at a plastic specialist. At the point when he was at last removed from office, individuals were so offended by his abundance that he and his better half were in a real sense battered to the point of death.

Lamentably, the nation didn’t recuperate rapidly. The most recent five years, notwithstanding, have seen significant headways, and Romania is currently an unquestionable requirement visit area.


Once viewed as the Paris of the East, Bucharest endured enormously during Ceausescu’s rule. Antiquated structures with French and Turkish impacts were supplanted with socialist roused substantial square structures in redevelopment projects. Presently, the city is a microcosm of the reeling recuperation of the country. Rich areas line ghettos and there has all the earmarks of being practically zero working class. There has all the earmarks of being just poor people or rich. When visiting Romania, you should fly into Bucharest. Simply don’t remain excessively long.


Brasov is situated in the sloping territory of Transylvania and is a decent spot to visit. Situated in the focal point of the country, Brasov is encircled by the Carpathian Mountains. The city is a resonating illustration of old world Romania with an antiquated focus city square and little bistros all through.

The genuine allure of Brasov is the encompassing area. Pristine, the mountains encompassing Brasov are brimming with little towns and encompassing woodlands. Around here, you’ll discover bears, wolves and other compromised creatures meandering unreservedly. On top of this, the land is ready with outside movement openings like skiing, climbing, setting up camp, hunting, rock climbing and dropping. While all of this exists in other travel objections, there is no scam feel in Brasov.

Carpathian Mountains

The Carpathian Mountains are outwardly dazzling. While there are attractions all through the mountains, like Bran Castle, don’t attempt to just visit a specific spot. All things considered, lease a vehicle in Brasov or recruit a driver and simply go for a ride. The view is so overpowering it is difficult to portray. You’ll drive down and up into gorges that appear to be interminable, see waterways besieging down mountain sides and see creatures just found in National Geographic narratives. Go for this drive and I promise you will babble about it for no less than five days.

Romania is the secret jewel of Eastern Europe and you ought to visit. You don’t have to wear garlic.