History of Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey

In case you’re not from New Jersey, or you have invested little energy in the Garden State, you may not be excessively acquainted with a portion of the unconventionally named towns situated around the state. To be sure, with 566 fused networks, New Jersey has no absence of remarkable named districts including, Hoboken, Hackensack, Teaneck, Wanaque, Ho-Ho-Kus, and others. Situated in Bergen County, in upper east New Jersey, Ho-Ho-Kus is one such town with a strange name. How about we investigate the historical backdrop of this little local area.

With 70 networks, Bergen County is New Jersey’s most populated province with just shy of 1,000,000 inhabitants. The province is found only west of New York City and the towns which contain the district are what many call “room networks” for the city laborers who make the every day drive to Manhattan. Without a doubt, found only 17 miles west of New York is the town of Ho-Ho-Kus, where an enormous piece of individuals who have gotten comfortable the town make the every day journey to the city through train, transport, or traveler vehicle. With a little more than 4000 individuals living inside its around one square mile span, Ho-Ho-Kus has a set of experiences that can be followed back to 1698 when European pilgrims deeded land in what is presently Ho-Ho-Kus.

The name Ho-Ho-Kus is a genuinely large secret also. Town occupants invest heavily in the surprising name and are resolute that generally utilized methods of composing the name of the town not be utilized, including HoHoKus or Hohokus. The Lenni Lenape were the first occupants of the space and some accept that a specific local term, Hochaos, is probably the nearest word related with the current spelling. The significance of Hochaos isn’t sure as some might suspect that it very well may be a local term for “running water” or to a Dutch expression for high oaks, or it might essentially be alluding to another local term “hoccus” which means dark fox. Without a doubt, there are no less than six unique clarifications for the starting points of “Ho-Ho-Kus”, yet none are conclusive.

A significant part of the current town saw its development in the twentieth century through the foundation of a railroad station. A mobile visit through the business locale uncovers to guests enchanting shops, eateries, the train station, and a delightful library. There are no housing foundations inside the town, however a few can be found in adjoining Paramus.

The town has only one state funded school covering grades K-8, with secondary school understudies shipped off Northern Highlands Regional in Allendale for their tutoring. Three chapels are situated inside the town and Ho-Ho-Kus is liberated from all industry.

A public noteworthy milestone, The Hermitage, is situated inside the ward and it is all around noted for having been visited by General George Washington during the Revolutionary War. The chateau is a great illustration of homegrown Gothic Revival engineering.

A large portion of the neighborhood is situated toward the north, west, and south of the business region and the homes are perceived for their compositional excellence just as being flawlessly kept up with. For sure, per capita pay for town occupants mirrors the general abundance of Bergen County and the homes distinctly mirror this reality.


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